Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is a very hard post ...

and not one that I had ever wanted to make.
The previous few posts were pre-scheduled to post while I was up north @ my parent' home keeping vigil with my father, sister and her sons at our mother's bedside. Mom lost her fight with cancer early Saturday morning with us at her side and knowing how much we loved her.
I appreciate all of the good wishes that were left.
Obviously we will miss her more then words can express, but she is at peace and no longer struggling.
It's been a very long week ... but my father and sister and her family have gone back up north and we will try to find a way to carry on now. My husband is taking a few extra days and is now on vacation.
I found some quiet time this morning and used it to make some Thank You cards for some very special people. I'll post these in a few days, once I get them from my husband's camera.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Cards for Mom

Here are the cards that I had started and planned on finishing with mom. I was hoping to have her input for the greetings, but had to figure things out for myself.

I got the idea from another demo ... Kelly Ramey had submitted this class idea to Stampin' Up! and it was posted on the demo side of their website. It is so versatile!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simple is good!

I've subscribed to No Time To Stamp ... I
LOVE Sharon's style ... so clean, simple and stunning! I fell in love with these cards and since I had the papers ... had to give it a try.

I'm happy with my version, but realized while making these cards that I also LOVE Nestabilities! And I NEED more! LOL!! Just the basic ones ... rectangles, circles, labels ... Oh who am I kidding?? What ever I can get my hands on ... I'll need!

I love that deckled edge from the Nestability!
I'm also loving making up cards sets for gifts. It's nice to have a few on hand for last minute gift giving!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying to keep busy

My mom asked me to make a card for my grandson's upcoming Baptism ... this is what I made on behalf of my parents, CASED from Lori .

Sorry for the blurry picture ... I was up north with very basic supplies, not expecting to be taking pics of any cards ... remembered to take this picture at the very last minute.

I had taken some partially completed cards to work on with my mom, but had to complete them myself. I ended up going up north a day earlier then planned when my mom was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly. I've come home for a few days to restock and will be heading back up (likely as you are reading this) for a few more days.

I've got a few posts set up with the cards I had completed the first trip up north. I've taken up another project or two (gotta keep busy) that I've been meaning to do, so I will hopefully be able to remember to take pictures and perhaps post some more.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the road again ...

that song from Willy Nelson is repeatedly playing in my head right now! LOL
But it is where I am ... I'm up north at my folks place for a bit. I'm going to try to take some pics of a couple of cards I've made up here and post them as soon as I can. Bear with me ... I'll be back soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick post to update you on my garage sale.
It was a HUGE success! I sold almost half of my retired sets ... 45 to be precise, ALL of my DP to one sweetheart of a lady, all but one of my retired Scrappin' Kits and lots of punches, wheels and retired ink pads. The best part was meeting some lovely new ladies who share my obsession! LOL
DH was very pleased as well, because he/we sold (got rid of) lots of other things that were taking up room in his garage and at the side of the house. Now he can actually put together the workbench that our children bought him one year when they were both living @ home. Keep in mind that our last child to leave the nest is now a married mother of one!
We did get a torrential downpour at one point that lasted for about 1 1/2 hours, but oddly enough, this is when we had the most amount of people arrive! Picture 6 cars arriving, roughly 20 people jumping out and my dh running around with his golf umbrella trying to keep some very focused ladies dry while they were going through my stamp sets! LOL ... I really wish I had had my camera handy.
I'm off to get my feet up for a while ... It was a very productive but also very exhausting day. I'll try to be back on Monday with some cards to show you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh my!

I'll bet you thought I up and left the blogging world! No such luck!! LOL
It's just been a busy, confusing, crappy couple of months! I won't go into great detail, but
a) DH and I no longer have a trailer
b) I'm re-evaluating my work options
c) my mom is not doing well again and that is very worrisome, which brings me to ...
d) I'VE LOST MY MOJO (anyone seen it around?)
My club ladies are taking the summer off so I decided to do some cleaning. Purging is actually what I ended up doing. We are having a garage sale this weekend and after helping dh clean the garage on Saturday to see what we had ... I got really inspired and headed up to my craft room. Wanna see what I felt I could spare?

Those pics represent over 100 stamp sets, 14 wheels, 11 Scrappin' Kits, 21 stamp pads and too many packages of Designer Paper to count. And those are just the things that I'm getting rid of ... I've still got lots of retired stuff that I'm keeping for my personal use.
But looky at my stamp cupboard now!

I can actually open the doors without stamp sets toppling over and falling on me!
And I have room in the paper holders for the new Designer Paper that is being delivered this Friday!
This week I've been asked to make and/or help with a couple of projects: one of my best friends got officially engaged last Friday evening and I have helped her design their invitations and favours. The materials are arriving with my new "schtuff" (as JanTink would say *mslf*) on Friday so we can "get'er done" ... my dil has asked me to make an album that just needs the pictures plopped into it for a very special lady in her life ... my mom has asked for a refill of her card case (which I'll gladly do so that she doesn't go to the dollar store and buy more of "those" cards! LOL) While I'm making cards for my mom , I think I'll just double up the cards and add them to my pathetic little stash too!
Hopefully I'll return within a day or two to show you a few cards that I will add to our stashes.
In the mean time ... remember to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you!