Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying to keep busy

My mom asked me to make a card for my grandson's upcoming Baptism ... this is what I made on behalf of my parents, CASED from Lori .

Sorry for the blurry picture ... I was up north with very basic supplies, not expecting to be taking pics of any cards ... remembered to take this picture at the very last minute.

I had taken some partially completed cards to work on with my mom, but had to complete them myself. I ended up going up north a day earlier then planned when my mom was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly. I've come home for a few days to restock and will be heading back up (likely as you are reading this) for a few more days.

I've got a few posts set up with the cards I had completed the first trip up north. I've taken up another project or two (gotta keep busy) that I've been meaning to do, so I will hopefully be able to remember to take pictures and perhaps post some more.


Cate said...

Beautiful card and I hope your Mom is OK. I'll be thinking of you both.

Rachel Bleich said...

This is very nice for a baptism. Hope all is well with your mom and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Laura said...

Hope your mom is doing better. I like this card. Simple and pretty.

Diane said...

Karen, this card turned out so pretty. I've been looking at that stamp set every since it came out but I am just not sure I would have occasion to use that often. This really makes me want to get it, the image is just so pretty in all sorts of colors!
PS hope your Mom is doing better!

Buffy said...

This is so pretty. Perfect for a baptism!