Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

At least it was yesterday, today ... not so much! It rained all day yesterday and I awoke this morning to my car covered in snow! Yuck!!
I spent most of the day yesterday either dozing or planning classes for this spring and posting them to my Demonstrator Business Web Site. Hope you can join me for this series!!
I've added a PayPal button to the right of my blog under "About Me" for payment of this series.
I've finally gotten some pictures taken of my new craft room. I'll share them over the next week or so. I've also taken pictures of few projects that I've finally completed the last few months.
I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards and her no-nonsence view of scrapbooking. Ali has chosen a word each year that she tries to follow in her crafting (she says she finds it filters into her whole life) and I've decided to try this also. The word I've chosen for this year is "COMPLETE". I'm finding it is, also, filtering into my whole life. So ... I've actually completed quite a few crafting projects that I had started and put aside. As well, Brent and I are completing a few things around the house that had been started and never quite finished.
Here are some of the craft room photos and I'll post more later this week.

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