Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm back!

Bit by byte. LOL
I"ve got my father's computer and I am s l o w l y downloading my things onto it. I've got all of my drivers on now and the very first thing I downloaded after my drivers was ... Yep! My Digital Studio!! I've missed playing and really needed to get a new blog header made.
What do ya think? OH MY GOSH!! I love playing with this programme. Have I mentioned that before? hehehe.
I've got a few more things to work out with this computer, but I think it's coming along really well.
I've had a class, I've finished up a couple of projects that were sitting around and I'm working on a few more classes and projects for myself.
I'll be back soon with some pics.


Cate said...

Love the new blog header! I just got MDS and am having sooo much fun playing.

Dany said...

I love your new blog header. I still have not figure out/had time to do one of my own. I am hoping to one day soon(ish) Glad to hear that you are getting back up and running.

Laura said...

Great job on the blog header. Wish I had MDS so I could do one myself.