Friday, February 26, 2010

MY Day

As we all do, I have my list of blogs that I visit each day ... some are SU demos and some are not. One that I really enjoy is by Michelle Wooderson. I just love her style and (what I see on this side of the computer screen) ease with which she creates. She created and shared, what she calls, her "12 Days of Me". Basically Mish has chosen 1 day each month to be her "personal" day ... she does whatever it is she needs or wants to do, that day. Blogging, scrapping, cardmaking, organizing, cooking ... whatever. She created a list/booklet to help her plan her day and so that she can get whatever she needs ahead of time. LOVE THE CONCEPT!!! I bought one of the kits that she made up and sold in her Etsy shop ... chose my day for a few months in advance (because I work outside of the house, I had to pick convenient days, not the same day each month as Mish did) and "had at er" (as dh says). My first "day" was Family Day - February 15th!
Below are pictures of the booklet that I made up with Mish's kit.
Isn't it fun? As you can see, I've chosen March 14th to be my next personal day ... CAN'T WAIT!
I'll be back another day with a layout or two that I did on My Day!

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